Hello World! v2.0

Six months ago I published my last tech demo and with it, my last blog entry. I would like to say that this break time was something I chose, but I didn’t. I didn’t even know what was happening. Six months later I can say I know it, I’m working on it and I’m very happy with the results I’m getting.

This was the very first time I had to face with heavy stress and tons of frustration.  I thought I could manage the situation very well, but eventually, my way to live was changing without even realising it:

  • I went to sleep earlier (1 or 2 hours).
  • I didn’t look forward to developing my projects.
  • I began to eat a lot.
  • I stopped going to gym.
  • I stopped dreaming about my future.

So, I stopped doing every little thing in my life and I was only going to work, eating and sleeping. Well, I thought that little things that you do in your life didn’t matter, but actually, they did more than I was aware.

Thinking about what was happening to me, I got some keys that could led me to this:

  • Tolerance to frustration. I must know that I’m going to make mistakes. I have to learn that these mistakes are going to be the path to improve and be better. When I learn this, I should be able to recognize a mistake, analyze why it happens and to know what and how I have to change.
  • Work is work. Whatever happens there I must learn how to disconnect when I’m outside.
  • Little things are important things. I must continue doing things that pleases me, as going to gym, developing my personal projects, dreaming about my future,  etc…

Now that I know what’s happening and I know what are the main keys to it, I can draw up a plan:

  • Divide my own projects even more. Tech demos are composed of tests. This will help me to avoid lost of interest in big projects.
  • Organize my projects better. Forget about scheduling in sheets of paper. Redmine helps me to stay focus.
  • Return to do things I used to do:  going to gym, for example.
  • Relax and enjoy life, be proud of my improvements and learn from mistakes. This means, avoid to have negative thoughts, as what I’m doing is very simple or the rest of the world is doing better things that I am.
  • Publish my source code. I do want to know the mistakes I am making.

I’m very happy with all this. It’s funny to realise that you have to do things wrong so you can learn how to do it good.  I am learning I am not perfect and that’s going to make me better. Yeah, I know! I’m young and learning on my way(which makes me excited about all the things I will do). Hopefully, in the next days you will find a bunch of tests and then a tech demo based on these tests, and so on. Also, for every test and tech demo I’m going to release the source code, which I think it’s going to be very helpful.

One Response to “Hello World! v2.0”

  1. manel says:

    Bienvenido al mundo del estrés y de la pérdida de ilusiones! En serio, supongo que es algo a lo que todo el mundo se enfrenta tarde o temprano. Veo que vas por el buen camino.
    Lo único que te puedo decir es que, a la hora de publicar el código, utilices un sistema como Google Code o GitHub. Creo que te será más cómodo y práctico que zippearlo y subirlo al blog.