Hello World!

Welcome to my brand new blog! I have decided to start my first blog, so I can share with everybody my projects. I´m not used to write, so take it into account if you find any weird word/phrase. But first let me make a little introduction of who I am and whats the point of the whole blog thing (you can find this and more in about page).

I´m a software engineer from Madrid (Spain) who loves computer graphics, real-time or offline rendering, and software engineering. Since university, I’ve been always making projects related to computer graphics in my free time. Seven or eight months ago I realized that I wasn´t able to complete any of the projects I began in my free time. Usually those projects were pretty big, without any well defined objectives neither milestones, i.e next gen engine. I ended up frustrated because after several months of really hard work I didn’t have anything.So, I decided to stop developing, think about it and get a solution. After a lot of talks with some industry veterans (I´m very lucky to work near them), I got a new methodology to develop my projects and not to feel frustrated in the way.

This method has two keys. First, the projects have to be sort projects, which I consider “cool” (really interested in learn/make it) , with well defined objectives and milestones. Second, I have to accumulate all the knowledge I get after finish a project in an iterative way. So, i.e, if in the firsts demos I have to develop a way to manage a Gui, in the latter demos I haven’t to worry about how to do it again because I already . I have called this sort projects “tech demos”, I know, its not a very original name!.

Anyway, It has worked pretty well so far. Currently I have seven tech demos and a library that let make a tech demo only extending a couple of classes and focused only on the things I´m interested in the demo.

So, that’s all! Thanks for visiting me and i hope you find this blog interesting. If you have any comments, suggestions or whatever don’t hesitate and let me know! Post comments or mail me at: ruben.penalva [[at]] rpenalva.com

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