How to get the graphics job of your dreams

On May the 30th I gave a talk called “How to get the graphics job of your dreams” (presentation in spanish) to the people of the Graphics,Games and Virtual Reality Master at URJC University in Madrid. Yes, you are right, that was the talk´s name! Thanks to David Miraut for it. I really couldn´t think of any other name that fits as nice as this one within the core idea I tried to transmit: ILLUSION.

CG people are the kind of people that spend every moment they can doing CG. Its a dream, a passion. Simply enough, it drives our lives. It leads you to learn as much as you can, to work hard to get a new demo or not to give it up when hard times come. Most of the people attending to the talk had no professional experience. They were right in the moment when you are trying to break into the industry, just trying to make their dream comes true: get the first graphics job.

However, all that passion needs control, a path to follow that can lead you to your first CG job. That was the content of my talk. I walked every step needed to get a graphics job. Of course this way isnt necessarily the only one. Its based on my experience and the experience of other industry colleagues.

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  1. says:

    Como conseguir el trabajo de tus sueños en gráficos…

    En mayo de este año Rubén Penalva impartió una conferencia en la URJC de Madrid sobre ese tema para la gente que cursa el Máster en gráficos, videojuegos y realidad virtual de esa universidad. Ahora ha colgado de su blog las transparencias de esa …

  2. David Miraut says:

    Thanks to you, Ruben!
    It was a really cool talk :-)
    I hope I can upload the record of the event very soon.

    Thanks again !!

  3. sid says:

    I cannot understand french.. could u give the info about the content of ur speech in English


  4. Ruben Penalva says:

    Hi sid,
    its spanish not french although I guess thats not really helpfull to you. Sorry, but I have no intentions to doing a translation of the slides in the short term as Im really busy now. Maybe in the future.

    Ruben Penalva