New adventure in Cambridge

Well, after some time without updating the blog I’m giving some life signals. Sorry for the lack of updates but I’ve been super busy moving to Cambridge. Yes, I moved to Cambridge to work for ArtVPS as a software developer. I’m working with real time ray tracing renderers, which is really cool. The people here are great professionals and I’m very pleased to have the opportunity to work with them.  As you could imagine I have no time to do anything aside searching a flat and getting used to listen English the whole day. I left my machine in Madrid, so no tech demos in a couple of months. I have to figure out how the hell I’m going to bring all that (2 monitors, a big case, 7.1 speakers,…..) to Cambridge.

7 Responses to “New adventure in Cambridge”

  1. gyakoo says:

    Congratulations for your new job. Good luck and I hope you’ll get used to the english talking soon, sure you’ll do right. It’s a more difficult issue than people think, and you know it. :)

  2. Ruben Penalva says:

    Thank you very much! :D yeah man. I mean, I don’t have a hard time speaking (I can do it a lot better but I think I do a good job). The problem comes when I have to listen. There are tons of accents, they talk very fast and personally, I understand american accent better than british. To be honest, its not that difficult. At the end you just ask them to repeat it again and usually they repeat it again slower without problems.

    Note: Cambridge is really nice! :)

  3. javisantana says:

    Tu nivel de inglés era bueno?

  4. javisantana says:

    y suerte claro!!

  5. Ruben Penalva says:

    Buenas Javi!


    En teoria, si lo medimos por los examenes ESOL mi nivel de ingles estará entre el advance (CAE) y el proficiency (CPE), aunque no tengo titulo. He dicho en teoria, porque de estudiar ingles en un aula a estar en un pais de habla inglesa hay un mundo y dos pueblos “sastamente” :P . Hay mogollon de cosas que en una clase no puedes practicar como hablar por telefono, oir diferentes acentos y pronunciaciones, usar/entender expresiones del dia a dia, contar anecdotas en una comida y conseguir ser gracioso, etc…

    Javi just asked for my english level. I told him that in theory my english level is something between the CAE and the CPE ESOL tests. But, theres a huge difference between practice english in a classroom environment and speak it in a real world one.

  6. Santi says:

    Hey maann!
    Enhorabuena por tu nuevo trabajo! tomate unas pintas a mi salud y vete a hacer panting en primavera.

  7. Ruben Penalva says:

    Muchas gracias tio. Estas navidades estare por los “mandriles”, te doy un toque y nos tomamos unas cañas! :D