Siggraph Volunteer Programs

Siggraph is the most important Computer Graphics conference in the world and, luckily enough for us, it is all about volunteering too. If you are serious about Computer Graphics you should apply for a Siggraph Volunteer Program. There are three different programs:

There are three volunteer programs:

  1. Student volunteer (2009)
  2. Ex-Student volunteer (2009)
  3. Conference volunteer (2009)

Student Volunteer

This program is for people over 18 and studying (school, undergraduate or graduate). You will have to do lot of different things: collaborate in the preparation of the conference rooms; distribute Siggraph posters; help people at the venues, etc. Basically, it is all about bringing help wherever/whenever it is needed. So, being proactive is very important, as well as being enthusiastic and keeping a good attitude in order to make Siggraph what it is. Bear in mind that you will be part of something quite important  and that your contribution is what helps to make this event such a success. When a friend of mine introduced me to a very important cg researcher this year, and I told him I was an xsv, he said :”You are one of the guys that make all this possible!”.

Ex-Student Volunteer

This program is for people that are no longer qualify as a student volunteer but are willing to help at Siggraph. It is the next step if you already were a student volunteer. You will be placed in a commitee of Siggraph or in a co-located event. This is a really new program, as it was launched 3 years ago, I believe, and it offers a very good opportunity to get more deeply involved with the conference. You will learn how Siggraph is organized and you will work hand with hand with people that have been working at Siggraph for a long time. You will be mentored by these people and learn from them in every single moment. As you can imagine, this program involves more responsibilities than being a student volunteer. You will work like, well, I dont know like what, but what I am sure about is that it is a huge amount of work!

Conference volunteer

This is the highest level of volunteering. I know that people here are top notch and to be here you will need a deep knowledge of how Siggraph works. To be honest, I really can’t say much more about this volunteer program.

Summing up, the first two programs can be considered as the preparation for the third one. All of them have one thing in common: you must be willing to help in order to make Siggraph happen, although that means huge amounts of work. Between you and me, it’s more than worth it!

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