Back to black

Hello everybody! I´m here again. Sorry for the lack of updates, literally I haven´t had time to do it. All right, I know, its what everybody says but… what were you expecting? I´m human! :P

A lot of things have happened to me. I have a new job, since January, as a senior graphics programmer in the health unit of a big company. Mainly, I´m in charge of the in-house graphics engine design and development, aswell as giving assistance in tecnical visualization aspects. All that I can say is that I´m very happy, both for the very talented people I´m working with and for the job itself.

The other thing is that… I have a new car! interesting uh? :P Just kidding, it´s true I have a new car but the real interesting thing is that I´m going to Siggraph 2008 as an ex-student volunteer (XSV). I have been assigned to GraphicsNet, the people who is in charge of all that have to do with the conference network. So, if someone is going to Siggraph this year, let me know and we can talk about it.

One last thing, altough I know there´s very few people that happen to read the blog, make some comments on it or just, drop an e-mail, you are quite helpful to keep me on motivated. Thanks a lot.

Its great to be here again!.

3 Responses to “Back to black”

  1. pplux says:

    Wow, how do yo do that? I mean, having a real job at computer graphics, and going to Siggraph’08… … going to Siggraph’08… :)~~~~~

  2. Ruben Penalva says:

    Well, I guess its a mix of hard work, know people who can connect you to other people, be in the right place at the right moment, etc…

  3. Penalva says:

    Wow,a Penalva, and he did graphic visualization like me !!

    But i’m not going to the siggraph this year.